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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Calcium release by ryanodine receptors mediates hydrogen peroxide-induced activation of ERK and CREB phosphorylation in N2a cells and hippocampal neuronsKemmerling, U.; Munoz, P; Muller, M.; Sanchez, G.; Aylwin, M.L.; Klann, E.; Carrasco, M.A.; Hidalgo, C.
2005 Calcium release mediated by redox activation of ryanodine receptors induces CREB and ERK phosphorylation in N2a cells and hippocampal neuronsCarrsaco, M.A.; Kemmerling, U.; Munoz, P.; Hidalgo, C.
1-May-2005 Codominant expression of genes coding for different sets of inducible salivary polypeptides associated with parotid hypertrophy in two inbred mouse strainsLopéz-Solís, R.O.; Kemmerling, U.
2006 Localization, specific activity, and molecular forms of acetylcholinesterase in developmental stages of the cestode Mesocestoides cortiKemmerling, U.; Cabrera, G.; Campos, E.O.; Inestrosa, N. C.; Galanti, N.
2013 Medicinal Plants of Chile: Evaluation of their Anti-Trypanosoma cruzi ActivityMunoz, O.M.; Maya, J.D.; Ferreira, J.; Christen, P.; San Martin, J.; Lopez-Munoz, R.; Morello, A.; Kemmerling, U.
Mar-2012 Nucleolar organizer regions in a chronic stress and oral cancer modelRuz, I.A.M.; Ossa, D.A.D.; Torres, W.K.D.; Kemmerling, U.; Rojas, BAV.; Martinez, C.A.R.
Sep-2011 Participation of proteases in the infection of human Chorionic villi explants by Trypanosoma cruziCastillo, C.; Duaso, J.; Villarroel, A.; Cabrera, G.; Maya, J.D.; Galanti, N.; Kemmerling, U.
Sep-2011 Placentas from women with chagas' disease present similar histopathological change as ex vivov juman organic human chorionicc villiI infected with Trypanosoma cruziDuaso, J.; Bosco, C.; Maya, JD.; Galanti, N; Kemmerling, U.
May-2011 rypanosoma cruzi induces apoptosis in ex vivo infected human chorionic villiDuaso, J.; Rojo, G.; Jana, E.; Galanti, N.; Cabrera, G.; Bosco, C.; Lopez-Munoz, R.; Maya, J.D.; Ferreira, J.; Kemmerling, U.
2004 Signal transduction and gene expression regulated by calcium release from internal stores in excitable cellsCarrasco, M.A.; Jaimovich, E.; Kemmerling, U.; Hidalgo, C.
Sep-2013 Trypanasoma cruzi induces cellular proliferation in the trophoblastic cell line bewoDroguett, D.; Liempi, A.; Castillo, C.; Duaso, J.; Cerda, M.; Hartel, S.; Galanti, N.; Maya, J.D; Kemmerling, U.
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11


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