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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Bikepark Curico, Espacio PublicoVelasquez Ubille, Carlos; Román Pérez, Juan E. (Prof. Guía)
2012 Bilateral communications of the musculocutaneous and median nerves. Morphological aspects and clinical significanceCerda, A.; Galdames, I.S.
15-Sep-2014 The binding of 4-ethylguaiacol with polyaniline-based materials in winesMarican, A.; Carrasco-Sanchez, V.; John, A.; Laurie, VF.; Santos, LS.
Oct-2011 Binding Studies and Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship of 3-Amino-1H-Indazoles as Inhibitors of GSK3 betaCaballero, J.; Zilocchi, S.; Tiznado, W.; Collina, S.; Rossi, D.
2003 Bioactive alkyl phenols and embelin from Oxalis erythrorhizaFeresin, G.E.; Tapia, A.; Sortino, M.; Zacchino, S.; De Arias, A.R.; Inchaustti, A.; Yaluff, G.; Rodriguez, J.; Theoduloz, C.; Schmeda-Hirschmann, G.
2005 Bioactive Metabolites from the Fungus Nectria galligena, the Main Apple Canker Agent in ChileGutierrez, M.; Theoduloz, C.; Rodriguez, J.; Lolas, M.; Schmeda-Hirschmann, G.
2009 Biocatalisis y enzimas en la sintesis asimetrica del inhibidor de fosfodiesterasa 5Vasquez Vasquez, Marco; Silva Santos, Leonardo (Prof. Guia)
2008 BiocontroladoresMendoza Rodriguez, Karina; Abaca Castillo, Elsa Paulina (Prof. Guía)
2000 Biodegradacion de productos fenolicos.Morales Jara, Patricia del Pilar; Villasenor Fica, Jorge (Prof. Guia); Urzua, Sergio (Prof. Guia)
2004 Bioguided Isolation and Identification of the Nonvolatile Antioxidant Compounds from Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) WasteParejo, I.; Viladomat, F.; Bastida, J.; Schmeda-Hirschmann, G.; Burillo, J.; Codina, C.
Jun-2012 Biological activities and correlations tendency of electrochemical properties of some Indolizino[1,2-B] Quinoline DerivatesCanete, A.; Armijo, F.; Del Valle, M.A.; Tapia, R.A.; Theoduloz, C.; Pessoa, C.D.; Cantuarias, L.; Recabarren, G.
1999 Biological activity and food analysis of Cyttaria spp. (Discomycetes)Schmeda-Hirschmann, G.; Razmilic, I.; Reyes, S.; Gutierrez, M.I.
1996 Biological activity and xanthine oxidase inhibitors from Scirpus californicus (C A Mey) SteudSchmeda-Hirschmann, G.; Gutierrez, M.I.; Loyola, J.I.; Zuniga, J.
Sep-2012 Biological Activity of Isoflavonoids from Azorella madreporicaQuesada, L.; Areche, C.; Astudillo, L.; Gutierrez, M.; Sepulveda, B.; San-Martin, A.
2011 Biological Fixation of N2 in Mono and Polyspecific Legume Pasture in the Humid Mediterranean Zone of ChileEspinoza, S.; Ovalle, C.; del Pozo, A.; Zagal, E.; Urquiaga, S.
2000 Biologically active alkaloids and a free radical scavenger from Prosopis speciesTapia, A.; Feresin, G.E.; Bustos, D.; Astudillo, L.; Theoduloz, C.; Schmeda-Hirschmann, G.
2000 Biologically active compounds from Chilean propolisAstudillo, L.; Avila, F.; Morrison, R.; Gutierrez, M.; Bastida, J.; Codina, C.; Schmeda-Hirschmann, G.
2005 Biomagnificacion del contenido de cobre en el Lago Budi (IX Region, Chile )Duran Perez, Evelyn; Tapia Sanhueza, Jaime (Prof. Guia)
1998 Biomass photochemistry-XXII: Combined photochemical and biological process for treatment of Kraft El effluentReyes, J.; Dezotti, M.; Mansilla, H.D.; Villasenor, J.; Esposito, E.; Duran, N.
2012 Biomass, resin and essential oil content and their variability in natural populations of the Chilean crude drug "bailahuen" (Haplopappus spp.)Gonzalez, B.; Vogel, H.; Razmilic, I.; San Martin, J.; Doll, U.
Showing results 1082 to 1101 of 9529
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