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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Blends containing amphiphilic polymers. V. Compatibilization of N-alkylitaconamic acid-co-styrene copolymers with interacting polymersUrzúa, M.; Sandoval, C.; González-Nilo, F.; Leiva, A.; Gargallo, L.; Radic, D.
2007 Dissecting phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate activation and thermosensation in TRP channelsOrta, G.; Salazar, M.; González, W.; Mascayano, C.; Raddatz, N.; Rosenmann, E.; González-Nilo, F.; Brauchi, S.; Latorre, R.
2007 Dissection of the components for PIP2 activation and thermosensation in TRP channelsBrauchi, S.; Orta, G.; Mascayano, C.; Salazar, M.; Raddatz, N.; Urbina, H.; Rosenmann, E.; González-Nilo, F.; Latorre, R.
Jan-2005 Exploring the Shaker K+ channel S3b segment using deletion mutantsGonzález, C.; Morera, F.J.; Rosenmann, E.; Brauchi, S.; González, W.; Álvarez, O.; González-Nilo, F.; Latorre, R.
2007 External surface charge neutralization induces outward rectification on the Calcium- and Voltage- activated potassium channel BKCarvacho, I.; González, W.; Orio, P; Brauchi, S.; Álvarez, O.; González-Nilo, F.; Latorre, R.
2006 Gating of two-pore domain K+ channels by extracellular pHNiemeyer, M.I.; González-Nilo, F.; Zúniga, L.; González, W.; Cid, L.P.; Sepúlveda, F.V.
2006 Histidine Triad-like Motif of the Rotavirus NSP2 Octamer Mediates both RTPase and NTPase ActivitiesCarpio, R.V.D.; González-Nilo, F.; Riadi, G.; Taraporewala, Z.F.; Patton, J.T.
Feb-2013 In Silico Analysis of Putative Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Toxins Export Proteins in CyanobacteriaSoto-Liebe, K.; López-Cortes, X.A.; Fuentes-Valdes, J.J.; Stucken, K.; González-Nilo, F.; Vásquez, M.
19-Sep-2012 K+ Conduction and Mg2+ Blockade in a Shaker Kv-Channel Single Point Mutant with an Unusually High ConductanceMoscoso, C.; Vergara-Jaque, A.; Márquez-Miranda, V.; Sepúlveda, R.V.; Valencia, I.; Díaz-Franulic, I.; González-Nilo, F.; Naranjo, D.
2006 Molecular dynamics simulation of the aqueous solvation shell of cellulose and xanthate ester derivativesHumeres, E.; Mascayano, C.; Riadi, G.; González-Nilo, F.
2011 Nanoinformatics: an emerging area of information technology at the intersection of bioinformatics, computational chemistry and nanobiotechnologyGonzález-Nilo, F.; Pérez-Acle, T.; Guiñez-Molinos, Sergio; Geraldo, D.A.; Sandoval, C.; Yevenes, A.; Santos, L.S.; Laurie, V.F.; Mendoza, H.; Cachau, R.E.
Jun-2012 Nanoinformatics: developing new computing applications for nanomedicineMaojo, V.; Fritts, M.; Martin-Sanchez, F.; De la Iglesia, D.; Cachau, R.E.; Garcia-Remesal, M.; Crespo, J.; Mitchell, J.A.; Anguita, A.; Baker, N.; Barreiro, J.M.; Benitez, S.E.; De la Calle, G.; Facelli, J.C.; Ghazal, P.; Geissbuhler, A.; González-Nilo, F.; Graf, N.; Grangeat, P.; Hermosilla, I .; Hussein, R.; Kern, J.; Koch, S.; Legre, Y.; Lopez-Alonso, V.; Lopez-Campos, G.; Milanesi, L.; Moustakis, V.; Munteanu, C.; Otero, P.; Pazos, A.; Perez-Rey, D.; Potamias, G.; Sanz, F.; Kulikowski, C.
2007 Neutralization of a single arginine residue gates open a two-pore domain, alkali-activated K+ channelNiemeyer, M.I.; González-Nilo, F.; Zuniga, L.; Gonzalez, W.; Cid, L.P.; Sepulveda, F.V.
2007 Neutralization of a single arginine residue gates open a two-pore domain, alkali-activated K+ channel.González-Nilo, F.; Niemeyer, M.I.; Zuniga, L.; González, W.; Cid, P.L.; Sepulveda, F.V.
2007 New modeling strategies for the computational characterization of nanobioparticlesCachau, R.E.; Frius, M.J.; Topol, I.; Burt, S.K.; González-Nilo, F.; Matties, M.
2006 Nucleotide specificity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase Kinetics, fluorescence spectroscopy, and molecular simulation studiesVillarreal, J.M.; Bueno, C.; Arenas, F.; Jabalquinto, A.M.; González-Nilo, F.; Encinas, M.V.; Cardemil, E.
2007 Quantitative structure-activity relationship of rubiscolin analogues as delta opioid peptides using comparative molecular field analysis (CoMFA) and comparative molecular similarity indices analysis (CoMSIA)Caballero, J.; Saavedera, M.; Fernandez, M.; González-Nilo, F.
2007 Relevance of phenylalanine 216 in the affinity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase for Mn(II)Yevenes, A.; González-Nilo, F.; Cardemill, E.
Jan-2005 Role of the electrostatic potential on the BK potassium channel conductanceGonzález-Nilo, F.; Gonzalez, W.; Brauchi, S.; Orio, P.; Carvacho, I.; Rosenmann, E.; Zaelzer, C.; Latorre, R.
2006 Site-directed mutagenesis study of the microenvironment characteristics of Lys213 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinaseYevenes, A.; Espinoza, R.; Rivas-Pardo, J.A.; Villarreal, J.M.; González-Nilo, F.; Cardemil, E.
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