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Title: Dimeric Labdane Diterpenes: Synthesis and Antiproliferative Effects
Authors: Pertino, M.W.
Theoduloz, C.
Bastias, M.
Schmeda-Hirschmann, G.
Keywords: labdane diterpene dimers
click chemistry
antiproliferative activity
Issue Date: May-2013
Citation: MOLECULES Volume: 18 Issue: 5 Pages: 5936-5953 DOI: 10.3390/molecules18055936
Abstract: Several diterpenes with the labdane skeleton show biological activity, including antiproliferative effects. Most of the research work on bioactive labdanes has been carried out on naturally occurring diterpenes and semisynthetic derivatives, but much less is known on the effects of diterpene dimers. The aim of the present work was to synthesize dimeric diterpenes from the labdane imbricatolic acid using esters, ethers and the triazole ring as linkers. Some 18 new derivatives were prepared and the compounds were evaluated for antiproliferative activity on human normal fibroblasts (MRC-5) and the following human tumor cell lines: AGS, SK-MES-1, J82 and HL-60. The diethers 8-10, differing in the number of CH2 units in the linker, presented better antiproliferative activity with a maximum effect for the derivative 9. The best antiproliferative effect against HL-60 cells was found for compounds 3 and 17, with IC50 values of 22.3 and 23.2 mu M, lower than that found for the reference compound etoposide (2.23 mu M). The compounds 9, 17 and 11 were the most active derivatives towards AGS cells with IC50 values of 17.8, 23.4 and 26.1 mu M. A free carboxylic acid function seems relevant for the effect as several of the compounds showed less antiproliferative effect after methylation
Description: Pertino, MW (Walter Pertino, Mariano)[ 1 ] ; Theoduloz, C (Theoduloz, Cristina)[ 2 ] ; Bastias, M (Bastias, Marco)[ 1 ] ; Schmeda-Hirschmann, G (Schmeda-Hirschmann, Guillermo)[ 1 ] [ 1 ] Univ Talca, Inst Quim Recursos Nat, Talca, Chile [ 2 ] Univ Talca, Fac Ciencias Salud, Talca, Chile
URI: http://dspace.utalca.cl/handle/1950/9444
ISSN: 1420-3049
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