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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2012 ACC Oxidase and ACC Synthase Expression Profiles after Leaning of Young Radiata (P. radiata D. Don) and Maritime Pine (P. pinaster Ait.) SeedlingsRamos, P.; Valenzuela, C.; le Provost, G.; Plomion, C.; Gantz, C..; Moya-Leon, M.A.; Herrera, R.
Sep-2013 Anatomical changes of xylem cells in stem of Pinus radiata seedlings exposed to inclination and ethyleneRamos, P.; Herrera, R.
Jul-2014 Biosynthesis of flavonoids in achenes of Fragaria chiloensis ssp chiloensisSalvatierra, A.; Pimentel, P.; Moya-Leon, MA.; Herrera, R.
May-2012 Changes in antioxidant capacity during development and ripening of goldenberry (Physalis peruviana L.) fruit and in response to 1-methylcyclopropene treatmentValdenegro, M.; Fuentes, L.; Herrera, R.; Moya-Leon, M.A.
Mar-2013 Changes in the mRNA abundance of FcXTH1 and FcXTH2 promoted by hormonal treatments of Fragaria chiloensis fruitOpazo, M.C.; Lizana, R.; Pimentel, P.; Herrera, R.; Moya-Leon, M.A.
2002 Characterisation of genetic variation between Vitis vinifera cultivars from central Chile using RAPD and Inter Simple Sequence Repeat markersHerrera, R.; Cares, V.; Wilkinson, M.J.; Caligari, P.D.S.
Apr-2013 Characterization of two PR genes from Fragaria chiloensis in response to Botrytis cinerea infection: A comparison with Fragaria x ananassaGonzalez, G.; Fuentes, L.; Moya-Leon, M.A.; Herrera, R.; Sandoval, C.
2007 The Chilean strawberry [Fragaria chiloensis (L.) Duch.]: Genetic diversity and structureCarrasco, B.; Garces, M.; Rojas, P.; Saud, G.; Herrera, R.; Retamales, J.B.; Caligari, P.D.S.
Oct-2014 Cloning and characterization of a xyloglucan endo-transglycosylase/hydrolase gene expressed in response to inclination in radiata pine seedlingsValenzuela, C.; Ramos, P.; Carrasco, C.; Moya-Leon, MA.; Herrera, R.
25-Oct-2004 Effects of UV-B radiation on the patagonian Jaborosa magellanica BrisbenCuadra, P.; Herrera, R.; Fajardo, V.
Jul-2013 Energy risk management through self-exciting marked point processHerrera, R.
Nov-2011 Extreme dependence with asymmetric thresholds: Evidence for the European Monetary UnionHerrera, R.; Eichler, S.
2005 Genetic Variation in a Chilean Endangered Endemic: Gomortega keule (molina) BaillonHerrera, R.; Arias, M.A.; Moya-Leon, M.A.; Penailillo, P.; Wilkinson, M.; Caligari, P.D.S.
Jun-2013 Increased accumulation of anthocyanins in Fragaria chiloensis fruits by transient suppression of FcMYB1 geneSalvatierra, A.; Pimentel, P.; Moya-Leon, M.A.; Herrera, R.
Jul-2014 The modeling and forecasting of extreme events in electricity spot marketsHerrera, R.; Gonzalez, N.
2012 Molecular docking simulation analysis of alcohol acyltransferases from two related fruit species explains their different substrate selectivitiesMorales-Quintana, L.; Moya-Leon, M.A.; Herrera, R.
Nov-2004 Ripening of mountain papaya (Vasconcellea pubescens) and ethylene dependence of some ripening eventsMoya-Leon, M.A.; Moya, M.; Herrera, R.
Jul-2014 Statistics of extreme events in risk management: The impact of the subprime and global financial crisis on the German stock marketHerrera, R.; Schipp, B.
Mar-2013 Structural analysis of the alcohol acyltransferase protein family from Cucumismelo shows that enzyme activity depends on an essential solvent channelGalaz, S.; Morales-Quintana, L.; Moya-Leon, M.A.; Herrera, R.
Feb-2011 Structural characterization and substrate specificity of VpAAT1 protein related to ester biosynthesis in mountain papaya fruitMorales-Quintana, L.; Fuentes, L.; Gaete-Eastman, C.; Herrera, R.; Moya-Leon, M.A.
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