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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Generalized Hermite polynomials in superspace as eigenfunctions of the supersymmetric rational CMS modelDesrosiers, P.; Lapointe, L.; Mathieu, P.
2011 A Generalized Macdonald Operatorvan Diejen, J.F.; Emsiz, E.
1999 A generalized ridge regression estimator and its finite sample propertiesFiringuetti, L.
2002 Generar un modelo de Diagnóstico de perfil CMM - SW nivel 2Herrera Hermosilla, Francisca; Toledo Ramirez, Lidia; Pereira Retamales, Javier (Prof. Guía)
Feb-2011 Genetic algorithm optimization in drug design QSAR: Bayesian-regularized genetic neural networks (BRGNN) and genetic algorithm-optimized support vectors machines (GA-SVM)Fernandez, M.; Caballero, J.; Fernandez, L.; Sarai, A.
Oct-2014 Genetic and morphological characterization of the endangered Austral papaya Vasconcellea chilensis (Planch. ex A. DC.) SolmsCarrasco, B.; Garcia-Gonzales, R.; Diaz, C.; Avila, P.; Caceres, P.; Lobos, GA.; Silva, H.; Caligari, PDS.
Aug-2014 Genetic control of growth, biomass allocation, and survival under drought stress in Pinus radiata D. Don seedlingsEspinoza, SE.; Martinez, VA.; Magni, CR.; Ivkovic, M.; Santelices, RE.; Guerra, FP.; Cabrera, AM.
2004 Genetic diversity and insecticide. resistance of Myzus persicae (Hemiptera : Aphididae) populations from tobacco in Chile: evidence for the existence of a single predominant cloneFuentes-Contreras, E.; Figueroa, C.C.; Reyes, M.; Briones, L.M; Niemeyer, H.M.
May-2005 Genetic diversity and structure of natural and managed populations of Cedrus atlantica (Pinaceae) assessed using random amplified polymorphic DNARenau-Morata, B.; Nebauer, S.G.; Sales, E.; Allainguillaume, J.; Caligari, P.D.S.; Segura, J
2012 Genetic progress in winter wheat cultivars released in Chile from 1920 to 2000Matus, I.; Mellado, M.; Pinares, M.; Madariaga, R.; del Pozo, A.
2002 Genetic trends in wood density and radial growth with cambial age in a radiata pine progeny testZamudio, F.; Baettyg, R.; Vergara, A.; Guerra, F.; Rozenberg, P.
2006 Genetic Variability of Spodoptera frugiperda Smith (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Populations from Latin America Is Associated with Variations in Susceptibility to Bacillus thuringiensis Cry ToxinsMonnerat, R.; Martins, E.; Queiroz, P.; Orduz, S.; Jaramillo, G.; Benintende, G.; Cozzi, J.; Real, M.D.; Martinez-Ramirez, A.; Rausell, C.; Ceron, J.; Ibarra, J.E.; Del Rincon-Castro, M.C.; Espinoza, A.M.; Meza-Basso, L.; Cabrera, L.; Sanchez, J.; Soberon, M.; Bravo, A.
Apr-2013 Genetic variation (AFLPS and nuclear microsatellites) in two anagenetically derived endemic species of Myrceugenia (MYRTACEAE) on the Juan Fernandez Islands, ChileLopez-Sepulveda, P.; Takayama, K.; Greimler, J.; Penailillo, P.; Crawford, DJ.; Baeza, M.; Ruiz, E.; Kohl, G.; Tremetsberger, K.; Gatica, A.; Letelier, L.; Novoa, P.; Novak, J.; Stuessy, T.F.
2005 Genetic Variation in a Chilean Endangered Endemic: Gomortega keule (molina) BaillonHerrera, R.; Arias, M.A.; Moya-Leon, M.A.; Penailillo, P.; Wilkinson, M.; Caligari, P.D.S.
Mar-2005 Genetic variation of wood density components in a radiata pine progeny test located in the south of ChileZamudio, F.; Rozenbergb, P.; Baettig, R.; Vergara, A.; Yanez, M.; Gantz, C.
Nov-2005 Gene X- Press, Emprendimiento y NegociosMihovilovich, Danilo
1998 Genotipificacion de apolipoproteina E en pacientes diabeticos tipo II de la VII regionOrrego Castillo, Roxana; Leiva Madariaga, Elba (Prof. Guía)
2001 Genotipificacion de la Apolipoproteina E y complicaciones diabeticas.Gallardo Schall, Pablo; Leiva Madariaga, Elba (Prof. Guía)
2013 Genotipificación de ratones apo e knock out.Díaz Verdugo, Alexander; Moore Carrasco, Rodrigo (Prof. Guía)
2007 Genotipo de apolipoproteina E en pacientes con sindrome metabolico, del programa de investigacion de factores de riesgo de enfermedades cardiovasculares pifrecv, de la Universidad de TalcaValdés Salgado, Macarena; Orrego Castillo, Roxana (Prof. Guía)
Showing results 5997 to 6016 of 10346
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