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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jul-2012 Characterization of a putative grapevine Zn transporter, VvZIP3, suggests its involvement in early reproductive development in Vitis vinifera LGainza-Cortes, F.; Perez-Diaz, R.; Perez-Castro, R.; Tapia, J.; Casaretto, J.A.; Gonzalez, S.; Pena-Cortes, H.; Ruíz-Lara, S.; Gonzalez, E.
1993 Characterization of the BSTV IRM Genes encoding the Bacillus-stearothermophilus-V restrcition-modification SystemGonzalez, E.; Vasquez, C.
1991 Cloning the BST(VI) retriction- modification system in Escherichia coliVasquez, C.; Saavedra, C.; Gonzalez, E.
1991 Detection and Classification of Trypanosoma cruzi by DNA Hybridization with Nonradioactive ProbesSolari, A.; Venegas, J.; Gonzalez, E.; Vasquez, C.
2003 Expression of a Bacillus thuringiensisδ-endotoxin cry1Ab gene in Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis strains that naturally colonize the phylloplane of tomato plants (Lycopersicon esculentum, Mills)Theoduloz, C.; Vega, A.; Salazar, M.; Gonzalez, E.; Meza-Basso, L.
2011 Expression of LHC Genes and their Relation to Photo-Oxidative Stress Tolerance Tolerance in Solanum lycopersicum L. and Solanum chilense (Dunal) Reiche.Chilian, J. .; Verdugo, I.; Poblete, F.; Ruíz-Lara, S.; Casaretto, J.A.; Gonzalez, E.
1994 The expression of the bstVIM gene from Bacillus stearothermophilus V is restricted to vegetative cell growthGonzalez, E.; Padilla, C.; Saavedra, C.; Vasquez, C.
Aug-2005 Involvement of ethylene in stress-induced expression of the TLC1.1 retrotransposon from Lycopersicon chilense Dun.Tapia, G.; Verdugo, I.; Yanez, M.; Ahumada, I.; Theoduloz, C.; Cordero, C.; Poblete, F.; Gonzalez, E.; Ruíz-Lara, S.
2002 PCR–RFLP identification of endemic Chilean species of Rhagoletis (Diptera: Tephritidae) attacking SolanaceaeSalazar, M.; Theoduloz, C.; Vega, A.; Poblete, F.; Gonzalez, E.; Badilla, R.; Meza-Basso, L.
Jan-2012 Plastidic isoprenoid biosynthesis in tomato: physiological and molecular analysis in genotypes resistant and sensitive to drought stressLoyola, J.; Verdugo, I.; Gonzalez, E.; Casaretto, J.A.; Ruíz-Lara, S.
2007 The promoter of the TLC1.1 retrotransposon from Solanum chilense is activated by multiple stress-related signaling moleculesSalazar, M.; Gonzalez, E.; Casaretto, J.A.; Casacuberta, J.M.; Ruíz-Lara, S.
1998 Studies on the heterologous expression of BstVI restriction endonuclease in Escherichia coli.Saavedra, C.; Gonzalez, E.; Vasquez, C.
Feb-2012 VvBOR1, the Grapevine Ortholog of AtBOR1, Encodes an Efflux Boron Transporter That is Differentially Expressed Throughout Reproductive Development of Vitis vinifera L.Perez-Castro, R.; Kasai, K.; Gainza-Cortes, F.; Ruíz-Lara, S.; Casaretto, J.A.; Pena-Cortes, H.; Tapia, J.; Fujiwara, T.; Gonzalez, E.
1988 Yeast Piruvate Kinase - Role of active-site amino-acidsChiong, M.; Gonzalez, E.
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