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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995 Analytical evaluation of a tungsten coil atomizer for cadmium, lead, chromium, manganese, nickel and cobalt determination by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometryBruhn, C.G.; Ambiado, F.E.; Cid, H.J.; Woerner, R.; Tapia, J.; Garcia, R.
Apr-2012 Benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages as indicators of water quality applying a modified biotic index in a spatio-seasonal context in a coastal basin of Southern ChileFierro, P.; Bertran, C.; Mercado, M.; Pena-Cortes, F.; Tapia, J.; Hauenstein, E.; Vargas-Chacoff, L.
23-Jul-2012 Characterization of a putative grapevine Zn transporter, VvZIP3, suggests its involvement in early reproductive development in Vitis vinifera LGainza-Cortes, F.; Perez-Diaz, R.; Perez-Castro, R.; Tapia, J.; Casaretto, J.A.; Gonzalez, S.; Pena-Cortes, H.; Ruíz-Lara, S.; Gonzalez, E.
1991 Chemical characterization of Chilean hardwoodsMansilla, H.; Garcia, R.; Tapia, J.; Duran, H.; Urzua, S.
1997 Determination of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) in water by flow injection on-line preconcentration flame atomic absorptionTapia, J.; Campos, V.H.; Villablanca, L.; Bruhn, C.G.; Basualto, S.
1996 Determination of heavy metals in waters and drinks by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry with a tungsten coil atomizerBruhn, C.G.; Ambiado, F.E.; Cid, H.J.; Woerner, R.; Tapia, J.; Garcia, R.
Sep-2014 Dynamic geomorphology of the coast of La AraucaniaPena-Cortes, F.; Limpert, C.; Andrade, E.; Hauenstein, E.; Tapia, J.; Bertran, C.; Vargas-Chacoff, L.
2006 The effect of physical and chemical parameters on the structure and composition of the phytoplankton community of Lake Budi (IX Region, Chile)Basualto, S.; Tapia, J.; Cruces, F.; Bertran, C.; Schlatter, R.; Pena-Cortes, F.; Hauenstein, E.
2002 Estudio de reduccion fotocatalizadora de cromo hexavalenteTapia, J.; Freer, J.; Mansilla, H.D.; Villasenor, J.; Bruhn, C.; Basualto, S.
Apr-2013 Feeding of Micropogonias furnieri (Osteichthyes: Sciaenidae) in Budi coastal lagoon, southern ChileBertran, C.; Jimenez, C.; Fierro, P.; Pena-Cortes, F.; Tapia, J.; Hauenstein, E.; Vargas-Chacoff, L.
May-2012 Heavy metals in the liver and muscle of Micropogonias manni fish from Budi Lake, Araucania Region, Chile: potential risk for humansTapia, J.; Vargas-Chacoff, L.; Bertran, C.; Pena-Cortes, F.; Hauenstein, E.; Schlatter, R.; Jimenez, C.; Tapia, C.
2006 Macrofauna bentónica de los humedales de tres lagos salinos en el borde costero del sur de ChileBertran, C.; Vargas-Chacoff, L.; Pena-Cortes, F.; Mulsow, S.; Tapia, J.; Hauenstein, E.; Schlatter, R.; Bravo, A.
2006 Micropogonias manni as a bioindicator for copper in Lake Budi (IX Region, Chile)Tapia, J.; Duran, E.; Pena-Cortes, F.; Hauenstein, E.; Bertran, C.; Schlatter, R.; Vargas-Chacoff, L.; Jimenez, C.
2013 Movement between crops and weeds: temporal refuges for aphidophagous insects in Central ChileVillegas, C.M.; Verdugo, J.A.; Grez, A.A.; Tapia, J.; Lavandero, B.
1997 Phytobenthos as bioindicator of heavy metalsTapia, J.
Apr-2011 A study of the geographic distribution of swamp forest in the coastal zone of the Araucania Region, ChilePena-Cortes, F.; Pincheira-Ulbrich, J.; Bertran, C.; Tapia, J.; Hauenstein, E.; Fernandez, E.; Rozas, D.
Apr-2011 Supramolecular complexes of quantum dots and a polyamidoamine (PAMAM)-folate derivative for molecular imaging of cancer cellsGeraldo, D.A.; Duran-Lara, E.F.; Aguayo, D.; Cachau, R.E.; Tapia, J.; Esparza, R.; Yacaman, M.J.; Gonzalez-Nilo, F.D.; Santos, L.S.
Feb-2012 VvBOR1, the Grapevine Ortholog of AtBOR1, Encodes an Efflux Boron Transporter That is Differentially Expressed Throughout Reproductive Development of Vitis vinifera L.Perez-Castro, R.; Kasai, K.; Gainza-Cortes, F.; Ruíz-Lara, S.; Casaretto, J.A.; Pena-Cortes, H.; Tapia, J.; Fujiwara, T.; Gonzalez, E.
Sep-2013 Water phytoremediation of cadmium and copper using Azolla filiculoidesLam. in a hydroponic systemValderrama, A.; Tapia, J.; Penailillo, P.; Carvajal, D.E.
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