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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2012 Concentrations of total phenols and antioxidant activity in apple do not differ between conventional and organic orchard ManagementYuri, J.A.; Maldonado, F.J.; Razmilic, I.; Neira, A.; Quilodran, A.; Palomo, I.
1993 Effects of the prolonged use of intrauterine devices (IUDs) and oral contraceptives on iron nutritionPalomo, I.; Grebe, G.; Ferrada, M.; Carrasco, J.M.; Maffioletti, M.; Felix, E.
May-2011 Elevated concentration of asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) in individuals with metabolic syndromePalomo, I.; Contreras, A.; Alarcon, L.M.; Leiva, E.; Guzman, L.; Mujica, V.; Icaza, G.; Diaz, N.; Gonzalez, D.R.; Moore-Carrasco, R.
2005 Factor V Leiden y mutación de la protrombina G20210A en pacientes con trombosis venosa y arterialPalomo, I.; Pereira, J.; Alarcon, M.; Pinochet, C.; Velez, M.T.; Hidalgo, P.; Skagerberg, K.; Poblete, F.
Aug-2013 First annual register of allergenic pollen in Talca, ChileMardones, P.; Grau, M.; Araya, J.; Cordova, A.; Pereira, I.; Penailillo, P.; Silva, R.; Moraga, A.; Aguilera-Insunza, R.; Yepes-Nunez, J.J.; Palomo, I.
1990 Hemoglobin, serum iron and saturation of transferrin among users of intrauterine devices or oral contraceptivesPalomo, I.; Grebe, G.; Valladares, G.; Bustos, P.; Ferrada, M.
2006 Hemostasis alterations in metabolic syndrome (Review)Palomo, I.; Alarcon, M.; Moore-Carrasco, R.; Argiles, J.M.
2011 High Levels of hsCRP are Associated With Carbohydrate Metabolism DisorderLeiva, E.; Mujica, V.; Brito, K.; Palomo, I.; Orrego, R.; Moore-Carrasco, R.; Guzman, L.; Nunez, S.; Diaz, N.; Icaza, G.; Arredondo, M.
2011 ICAM-1 Expression in Endothelium of Human Arteries by ImmunohistochemistryMoore-Carrasco, R.; Donoso, W.; Sutin, F.; Vergara, M.; Toloza, L.; Gonzalez, J.; Morales, E.; Palomo, I.
2007 An insight into the pathophysiology of thrombosis in antiphospholipid syndromePalomo, I.; Segovia, F.M.; Alarcon, M.; Fuentes, B.Y.; Pereira, J.G.; Rojas, A; Forastiero, R.
Sep-2014 Mechanism of antiplatelet action of hypolipidemic, antidiabetic and antihypertensive drugs by PPAR activation PPAR agonists: New antiplatelet agentsFuentes, E.; Palomo, I.
Nov-2003 Patients with essential hypertension present higher levels of sE-selectin and sVCAM-1 than normotensive volunteersPalomo, I.; Marin, P.; Alarcon, M.; Gubelin, G.; Vinambre, X.; Mora, E.; Icaza, G.
May-2002 Platelet aging in vivo is associated with activation of apoptotic pathways: Studies in a model of suppressed thrombopoiesis in dogsPereira, J.; Soto, M.; Palomo, I.; Ocqueteau, M.; Coetzee, L.M.; Astudillo, S.; Aranda, E.; Mezzano, D.
Oct-1999 Platelet aging in vivo is associated with loss of membrane phospholipid asymmetryPereira, J.; Palomo, I.; Ocqueteau, M.; Soto, M.; Aranda, E.; Mezzano, D.
Apr-2012 Platelets and atherogenesis: Platelet anti-aggregation activity and endothelial protection from tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum L.) (Review)Palomo, I.; Fuentes, E.; Padro, T.; Badimon, L.
Apr-2004 Prevalence and isotype distribution of antiphospholipid antibodies in unselected Chilean patients with venous and arterial thrombosisPalomo, I.; Pereira, J.; Alarcon, M.; Vasquez, M.; Pinochet, C.; Velez, M.T.; Sandoval, J.; Icaza, G.; Pierangeli, S.
2003 Prevalence of antiphospholipid and antiplatelet antibodies in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected Chilean patientsPalomo, I.; Alarcon, M.; Sepulveda, C.; Pereira, J.; Espinola, R.; Pierangeli, S.
2006 Prevalence of antiphospholipid antibodies in Chilean patients with rheumatoid arthritisPalomo, I.; Pinochet, C.; Alarcon, M.; Sandoval, R.; Gonzalez, J.; Monsalves, F.; Forastiero, R.
Jun-2002 Prevalence of antiphospholipid antibodies in pregnancies without obstetric risk factors in Talca, ChileVasquez, M.; Arias, F.; Alarcon, M.; Palomo, I.
2005 Prevalence of antiphospholipid antibodies is not different in Chilean diabetic patients and normal individualsPalomo, I.; Mujica, V.E.; Alarcon, M.; Pereira, J.G.; Vasquez, M.
Showing results 4 to 23 of 32
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